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You can rest easy while you are away. We'll take care of your pets where they are happiest... in the comfort of their own home!   All walks, cuddles and play times are included! Each session is  provided by the company owners.



Free Consultations

We'll respond to your initial contact within 24 hours. We'll come to your home to meet you and your pet/s before you hire us.  At this time, you can ask questions and together, we'll   set up the best possible plan for your pet, while you are away from home. 


You will have the option for visual updates, text messages, or an         in-home journal to read when you arrive back home. 

Customized Visit Schedules

You can decide how many visits per day, based on the needs of your pet or pets.

Mail, Plants, Lights and Baby Gates

We'll gather any mail and water your plants if they need it. We are also ready to set light timers to make it seem like you are not away from home. Think you might need to partition off part of your house while you are away?  

We've got you covered!

Visits Include Walks and Play 

Your pet will get cuddles, walks, play sessions- whatever they need during our visit.


Your pet is unique.  If there is a service you need while you are away and we are able to do it, we'd be happy to help!  *Possibility of extra charge for services not listed. 

Specialty Care
We are able to administer medications. We are able to read the body language of  your pet and be on the look out for any signs of stress.
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We are professionally  insured to cover emergencies, should they arise.  
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Rest Easy 
Pet Sitting LLC       

Rest Easy Pet Sitting (REPS)  is owned and operated by Kay Lera, who resides in Madison, WI.  While you are away from home, you can rest easily, knowing that she will make your pets as comfortable as they can be, right where they belong...in their home environment!  

Prior to opening Rest Easy Pet Sitting , Kay was a public school teacher for 28 years. In addition to pet sitting, she serves as  a yoga teacher (200E-RYT). Kay is versed in noticing signs of stress in household pets and she is working toward a certification in Pet first-aid and CPR.  

 Starting the Rest Easy Pet Sitting  has dream of Kay's since 2004. It was then that Kay's family needed in-home care for their dog because their pup became too stressed out in a kennel/boarding situation.  She discovered a loving, knowledgeable,  pet sitting business that would come to their home! From that day on all their pets remained in their home environment when the Lera's traveled -AND their pets were a lot less stressed than they'd been after being kenneled.  Enjoying time away from home was a lot easier because they knew their four-legged family members were happy at home.  The convenience of contacting an in-home pet sitting service, any time , was unparalleled.


Rest Easy Pet Sitting will provide that same peace of mind for you!

*Rest Easy Pet Sitting LLC is professionally insured

to handle emergencies, should they arise.   


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Contact Us

Email: resteasypetsittingllc@gmail.com

Kay Lera, owner/petsitter
Tel:  608-571-3179

6666 Odana Rd.

PMB 5050

 Madison, WI 53719​

How to reach us:

 7 days a week

Days of  Service
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