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30 Minute Check-in

Does your pet need a quick check-in?  REPS can stop in and administer meds, let your puppy (or elderly dog) out to relieve him/herself... this is just as it seems. a quick check-in.



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45 Minute Visit / Midday Exercise Session

Does your pet need an exercise session, or simply companionship in between feedings? This offering includes just that -our undivided attention and affection during this offering. :)



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60 minute Visit / Complete Care

This offering has it all! Food , walks / play and daily household tasks (getting the mail, watering plants, etc.) 



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Complete Care and Overnight Stay

We'll care for your pet in the evening for dinner and then we'll be back to stay overnight with your furry family. In the morning, we'll care for your pet/s (including snuggles and walks) before heading out. 



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